Save on Home Security Monitoring Solutions for Snowbirds!

Get preferred members-only pricing on TELUS SmartHome Security, ideal for snowbirds to monitor your home when you're travelling or at home in Canada.

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Smart Home Security and Monitoring for Canadian Snowbirds
TELUS Snowbird Advisor Mobile Plans

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IMPORTANT Eligibility Requirement:
You must be a Snowbird Advisor member for at least 30 days to be eligible for this offer. 

Snowbird Advisor has partnered with TELUS to provide our members with preferred pricing on TELUS SmartHome Security Plans.

For snowbirds, monitoring your home while you're away for the winter - as well as while you're back in Canada - is essential to help prevent home invasions, reduce fire, flood and other damage, save on energy costs and manage visitors

Through this partnership, Snowbird Advisor members have access to customizable home security and monitoring services at affordable prices from a trusted provider - designed to meet the unique needs of snowbirds.

Benefits of TELUS SmartHome Security
  • Preferred pricing for Snowbird Advisor members
  • Customizable plans based on your budget and needs
  • Control and monitor SmartHome Security from your home or remotely from your phone
  • Potential savings on energy costs and home insurance
  • Biggest home security provider in Canada with over 150 years of home security monitoring experience, which includes ADT as part of the TELUS family
Have Questions?

Please see the FAQ section at the bottom of this page.

Please avoid calling TELUS' regular customer support number, as TELUS' regular customer support agents may not be familiar with the details of this program. Instead, please read the FAQ section for information on how to contact a specially trained TELUS agent who can assist you.


SmartHome Security Plan Options

Snowbird Advisor members have two great TELUS SmartHome Professionally Monitored Plans to choose from1, with the flexibility to customize or add additional features:



  • Professionally Monitored plan with 24/7 alarm response
  • Security Starter Kit (2 window/door sensors & 1 motion sensor
  • Security Camera (optional)
  • Standard TELUS Online Security Plan (protects your identity online, $10 value)

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  • Professionally Monitored plan with 24/7 alarm response
  • Security Starter Kit (2 window/door sensors & 1 motion sensor
  • Security Camera (optional)
  • Standard TELUS Online Security Plan (protects your identity online, $10 value)
  • 3 Security or Automation Devices of your choice (Thermostat, Flood Sensor, Smoke Detector, CO Detector, Smart Locks, Smart Light Bulbs and more)

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How Do I Get These Plans?

Under our agreement with TELUS, SmartHome Security plan pricing and details can only be accessed by signing in to your Snowbird Advisor member account and visiting the TELUS landing page.

You can sign in or create an account below:

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1 Full plan details, including pricing, terms and conditions, and how to get a plan, are available on the TELUS portal for Snowbird Advisor members or by calling TELUS' EPP phone number for SmartHome monitoring, which can be accessed after logging in to your Snowbird Advisor member account.


What do I need to support SmartHome Security? Can I switch from my current security provider?

To use TELUS SmartHome Security products, you’ll need high-speed internet service to support outdoor camera use and to be within the TELUS Mobility HSPA coverage area. Connect with a TELUS representative to determine your eligibility.

Interested in learning more about TELUS SmartHome Security plans, but have an existing contract with another provider? Please contact TELUS to understand your options. While TELUS will not pay out existing contracts, we have very competitive offers which may offset any expenses you incur leaving your current

How do all the different home security products work together?

You can control your system using your included Control Panel or the TELUS SmartHome app, which you can use from anywhere using your mobile phone.

Easily manage your anti-burglary, life safety sensors and automation devices.

Is ADT Canada part of TELUS SmartHome Security?

ADT Canada is now part of the TELUS Family, combining 150 years of home security experience and proven expertise with TELUS’ award-winning network and SmartHome systems.

How does installation work?

TELUS SmartHome plans offer both self-installation and professional installation options:


  • You’ll get a Self-install Kit with the devices you ordered and step-by-step instructions to install them
  • There is a $100 kit fee that is 100% refundable upon activation within 30 days of your order
  • This is an easy and convenient DIY option if you’re comfortable with basic home repairs and possibly using a ladder
  • Smart camera plans are self-install only

Professional Installation

  • Our technicians will handle your installation, including identifying the best placement for cameras
  • Get professional installation for free with most professionally monitored plans

What if I need a repair?

When you call in asking for a tech repair, you will be charged a non-refundable fee of $175 prior to the tech's arrival at your home.

If our technician finds out the issue turns out to be a TELUS issue, the full fee will be credited back to your account.

How do I save money on insurance and energy bills with SmartHome Security?

  • Home insurance - Home insurance providers typically offer discounts when security systems are installed. Discounts range from 5 - 20%.
  • Energy - With a smart thermostat installed, expect to save up to 6% on your heating bill. Savings will be greater if you also have light and energy management systems in place.
  • Flood - Water damage makes up the majority of home insurance claims. Prevent costly water damage and save on repairs by installing flood sensors around your home.

Why don’t you publicly display plan pricing and contact details for TELUS’ Snowbird Advisor SmartHome program?

TELUS’ Snowbird Advisor program is available exclusively to Snowbird Advisor members and is not available to the public.

Accordingly, to view plan pricing and dedicated support phone numbers, Snowbird Advisor members must sign in to their member accounts and visit the TELUS landing page on the Snowbird Advisor website while signed in.