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Vacation Rentals for Canadian Snowbirds

Top 10 Rental Accommodation Tips for Canadian Snowbirds

The majority of snowbirds choose to rent accommodations instead of buying a vacation property when first starting out, which is...

Buying a Mobile Home - Tips for Canadian Snowbirds

A Snowbird’s Guide to Buying a Mobile Home (aka Manufactured Homes)

For many snowbirds, mobile homes – or as they are more often called now, manufactured homes – are an ideal option for their winter...

Best RV Tips for Canadian Snowbirds

A Canadian Snowbird’s Introduction To the RV Lifestyle

While many Canadian snowbirds have been living the RV lifestyle for quite some time, a recent trend has seen a significant...

Make money by renting your home out in the winter

Snowbird Guide to Renting Out Your Canadian Residence for the Winter

If you spend most of the winter outside Canada, you may want to explore the opportunity to rent out your Canadian home while you...

Should Canadians rent or buy a winter vacation home?

Rent or Buy? The Accommodation Dilemma for Canadian Snowbirds!

There are many views on the pros and cons of buying vs. renting your winter vacation home, and people are persuaded one way or the...

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