When is the best time for snowbirds to look for a vacation rental?


We had trouble finding a suitable winter rental this past Fall. When is the best time to start looking for a winter rental property for next season?


With so many people retiring each year, there’s a lot of pressure on the winter rental market across the southern U.S. and some parts of Mexico.

In addition, many owners of rental units give preference to their existing renters for the following year, so you may not even have access to these units if the current renters commit for next season.

With that in mind, its never to early to start seeking out a rental property, but the ideal time to look and book for the following year is in March and April, near the end of the snowbird season.

It’s also important to be aware that landlords usually prefer someone looking for a minimum 3-month rental, so if you’re thinking of just renting for one month, you may have a tough time finding something during peak season.