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Get tips for buying and selling U.S. real estate and snowbird vacation properties!

Snowbird Tax & Legal Tips for Renting Out Your U.S. Vacation Property

Tax & Legal Tips for Canadian Snowbirds Who Rent Out Their U.S. Property

For Canadian snowbirds who own U.S. vacation properties, renting out those properties for some or most of the year can provide a...

Choosing the Right Ownership Structure for Canadians for U.S. Real Estate

U.S. Real Estate - Ownership Structure Tips for Canadian Snowbirds

Buying a U.S. vacation or investment property can be a great option for many Canadian snowbirds. However, it’s essential to choose...

Snowbird Tips for Renting Out Your Winter Vacation Property

Renting Out Your Winter Vacation Home Can Offer Big Benefits for Canadian Snowbirds

If you’re a Canadian who owns property in the U.S. Sunbelt, there are several good reasons why you should consider renting it out....

How Canadian snowbirds can refinance their U.S. real estate

How Canadian Snowbirds Can Unlock the Equity in Their U.S. Vacation Homes

If you’re a Canadian snowbird who owns U.S. real estate “free and clear” and you’re looking to access capital, getting a mortgage...

U.S. Mortgage Tips for Canadian Snowbirds

Top Mortgage Tips for Canadian Snowbirds When Buying U.S. Real Estate

Many current and future Canadian snowbirds are tempted by the relatively low cost of owning property in the U.S. and believe now...

Snowbird U.S. Vacation Homes

Top 10 Snowbird Considerations for Buying U.S. Real Estate

Canadian snowbirds have been investing in U.S. real estate and vacation properties for decades, and while buying a foreign...

Should Canadians rent or buy a winter vacation home?

Rent or Buy? The Accommodation Dilemma for Canadian Snowbirds!

There are many views on the pros and cons of buying vs. renting your winter vacation home, and people are persuaded one way or the...

U.S. Real Estate Agents for Canadian Snowbirds

Top Tips for Working with an Agent to Buy U.S. Real Estate

So you’ve decided to look into buying a vacation home in the U.S., probably after visiting or renting for a winter or two in an...

Make money by renting your home out in the winter

Snowbird Guide to Renting Out Your Canadian Residence for the Winter

If you spend most of the winter outside Canada, you may want to explore the opportunity to rent out your Canadian home while you...

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