Why Canadian snowbirds choose Portugal as their winter home

Portugal is rapidly becoming a popular snowbird destination, and is already among the most popular destinations for Canadian snowbirds in Europe.

The mild winters, especially in the Algarve region, combined with Portugal’s rich culture and history, wonderful wines and seafood, and many castles to explore, make it a great option for the winter.

Communicating with the locals is also easy, as English is widely spoken in Portugal.

Flights from Canada to Portugal are often quite reasonable in the winter, and there are non-stop flights to Portugal from Canada. Also working in its favour, the cost of living in Portugal is much more affordable than in neighbouring European countries.

Most snowbirds will probably want to rent a car once they arrive to get around and explore the country. However, be warned, the price of gas in Portugal (and all of Europe) is very high.

There are lots of long term rentals available in the winter and Portugal is a big golf destination, with golf courses just about everywhere.

The weather is not hot, but is comfortable and mild in the Algarve region. The Lisbon coast is a little cooler, with the coolest temperatures in December and January, and can get some rain in November along. February and March in Lisbon see warmer, springtime temperatures.