Can you bring food to the U.S. if you use NEXUS?


Can I take any food from Canada to the U.S. if I am crossing the border by car using my NEXUS card?  


When you cross the border by car with a NEXUS card, you are often not asked any questions about food or what you are carrying with you, as the NEXUS system works on trust (Trusted Traveller).

And while you are allowed to bring certain foods into the U.S. when using your NEXUS card, the onus is on YOU to declare if you have any food with you.

If you have food and you don't declare it, and a U.S. customs officer decides to inspect your vehicle and discovers the food, they can revoke your NEXUS card, even if the food you have with you would have otherwise been allowed into the U.S.

The safest solution is not to take any food with you when entering the U.S. and stop after you have crossed the border for snacks, fruit etc...

Remember, when you are issued a NEXUS card you are warned that if you violate any of the rules, you risk losing your NEXUS card.

You can find more information about what you can and can't bring to the U.S. from Canada here.

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