How do Canadians pay for gas at the pump in the U.S.?


When I try to pay for gas at the pump in the U.S with a credit card, it asks me for my zip code. As a  Canadian, I don’t have a zip code. I have heard there’s a “trick” to get around this issue but haven’t been able to find any details. Do you know anything about this?


Yes, there is a workaround you can use the often works:

When asked for your zip code, simply enter the three numbers of the Canadian postal code for the billing address associated with your credit card, followed by two zeros.

For example, if the postal code for your credit card’s billing address is F1F 2F3, you would enter 12300 as your zip code.

NOTE: We have been receiving word from some members who were able to use this workaround in the past that it no longer works for them. However, it still seems to be working most of the time in most regions of the U.S.