How do Ontario snowbirds prove their license plates have been renewed in the U.S.?


My wife and I live in Ontario and bring our car down to Florida with us every year.

Now that the Ontario government has stopped issuing license plate renewal stickers, how are we supposed to prove to police officers in the U.S. that our licenses have been renewed and aren't expired?

I was pulled over once before because my sticker showed my registration had expired and don't want to get pulled over or run into trouble while we're away for the winter.


You should remove all the license plate renewal stickers on your Ontario license plate, as they are no longer required, which should solve the problem.

However, snowbirds should always renew their driver’s licenses and car registration before departing for the winter if they are going to expire before you get back. You can renew your license plate online or in person at a Service Ontario centre.

When you renew, make sure you get a copy of your receipt and keep it with you to show in case you get pulled over while in the U.S.