Should I still use ArriveCAN when returning to Canada?


I understand that using ArriveCAN is no longer mandatory when returning to Canada.

So, is there any point or advantage to continue submitting my information through ArriveCAN before clearing customs in Canada?


LAST UPDATED: April 11, 2023 - 12:00 PM EST

Yes, if you are travelling by air, there is absolutely a good reason to still fill submit your customs declaration through ArriveCAN before clearing customs when returning to Canada. 

Most travellers think of the ArriveCAN app as a COVID-era tool where travellers entering Canada were required to submit the results of their pre-entry COVID tests and their proof of vaccination certificates.

However, the app has evolved since then and while it is no longer used for those purposes, travellers entering Canada at select airports still have the option to submit their customs declarations in advance through ArriveCAN.

If you are arriving in Canada by air, using ArriveCAN can greatly speed up clearing customs and immigration, as many Canadian airports have set up an express line for people who have completed ArriveCAN ahead of time.

ArriveCAN is only available at select airports across Canada. You can find a list of participating ArriveCAN airports here.

*Please Note: If you are a NEXUS card holder, you may not be able to submit your customs information using ArriveCAN and will have to use NEXUS  instead.

You can learn more about ArriveCAN and how to use it here.