What is ArriveCAN and is it required for snowbirds returning to Canada?


I have heard there is an app called ArriveCAN that I need to use to provide information before travelling back to Canada.

Can you please provide more information about this app, how it works and if it is required?


ArriveCAN is a digital tool that enables travellers to submit essential information prior to arrival and after entry into Canada.

ArriveCAN is available as a mobile app that can be downloaded on Apple or Android devices. It is also available online through a computer. You can get more information about ArriveCAN and download the ArriveCAN app or access ArriveCAN online here

All individuals entering Canada by air or land are required to use ArriveCan to submit the following information:

Prior to arriving in Canada

Travellers are required to submit the following information through ArriveCAN before they board their flight or before arrival at a land border crossing:

  • travel and contact information
  • quarantine plan
  • COVID-19 symptom self-assessment
  • if travelling by air, provide the trip reference code for your hotel quarantine reservation

Once you submit your information through ArriveCAN a receipt will be displayed and emailed to you.

Upon arrival in Canada

When you arrive in Canada, you will be required to show your ArriveCAN receipt to a Canadian border services officer. You can show your ArriveCAN receipt via the following methods:

  • the app
  • as a screenshot
  • your email
  • a printout

After you arrive in Canada

The day after you arrive in Canada, all travellers must submit the following information through ArriveCAN:

  • confirm that you've arrived at a government-authorized hotel or the address you provided for your quarantine or isolation location
  • complete daily COVID-19 symptom self-assessments until the completion of your quarantine period or until you report symptoms

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