What kind of ID do Canadians Need to Fly Domestically in the U.S.?


We have heard that next year the U.S. will require travellers to show enhanced state-issued driver's licenses to fly domestically within the U.S. Is this true, and if so, what kind of ID will Canadians need to fly domestically in the U.S.?


You are correct that some new ID requirements will be introduced for flying domestically in the U.S., however, these changes will not impact Canadians.

Beginning on May 3, 2023, the TSA will require individuals who plan to use their state-issued ID or driver’s license as identification to fly within the U.S. to ensure they are REAL ID compliant.

This change is primarily intended for U.S. citizens and residents who use their state-issued IDs to fly domestically.

Canadians can simply present their Canadian passports or NEXUS cards instead.

You can find details about which types of ID the TSA will accept for air travel here.