What's the easiest way to pay road tolls when driving from Canada to Florida?


We will be driving to Florida shortly and I’ve heard that a lot of tolls don’t take cash anymore. How can we pay our tolls?


It is true that many tolls have gone cashless and the pandemic has accelerated this trend.  But if you are driving to Florida from Eastern Canada then it is worth getting an E-ZPass.  The E-ZPass Program is the largest toll collection program in the world with toll agencies in 19 states.  It is also useful while you are in Florida for toll roads and bridges there.

Once you set up an E-ZPass prepaid account, you will receive a small electronic transponder that attaches to the inside of the windshield.  You deposit money in your E-ZPass account which is debited each time you use a toll.

For more information: https://www.e-zpassiag.com/

While not all states currently accept the pass, E-ZPass can be used in many states from Minnesota in the West to Maine in the East along many of the popular routes through states on the way to Florida, including Florida itself.  For a map of states accepting E-ZPass, click here: