Why are my flights getting rescheduled and re-routed during COVID-19?


We purchased tickets to fly down to Florida, but the airline has already changed our flight schedule twice since we booked and our direct flight has been changed to a connecting flight through Atlanta - why does this keep happening and can they keep making changes?


Due to COVID-19, far fewer people than usual are flying at the moment. This has forced airlines to consolidate flights to make them financially viable, which can result in schedule changes, and in some cases, re-routing of flights.

Unfortunately, this is likely to continue happening until more people are flying and airlines can plan their route schedules with more certainty.

In the meantime, air travellers will have to live with the fact that their flight schedules may change quickly, and sometimes more than once, so be sure to monitor your scheduled flights regularly and be prepared that your flight times and dates might change.

Snowbirds should also be prepared that this could also happen on their return flights back to Canada at the end of the season if air travel hasn’t picked up by then.