Why Canadian snowbirds choose Hawaii as their winter home

Hawaii has long been a favourite with Canadian snowbirds, particularly from Western Canada, due to its proximity in the central Pacific Ocean. In recent years, an increasing number of snowbirds from Eastern Canada have also been making Hawaii their winter home.

America’s 50th State, Hawaii is the most northerly of the Polynesian islands and comprises 8 major islands along with hundreds of smaller volcanic islands.

It is a true paradise on earth, offering dramatic scenery, extensive rainforests, warm ocean waters and public beaches, along with a perfect year-round tropical climate. 

There is a wide variety of accommodations in Hawaii, in particular on the islands of Oahu and Maui, including condos, planned vacation communities, rental homes and beach cottages.

While Hawaii can be more expensive than many other snowbird destinations, there are also more affordable options available if you seek them out.