Lake Chapala – The ideal winter home for Canadian snowbirds!

Lake Chapala is one of Mexico's most popular Canadian snowbird destinations and has been for decades.

It is a large fresh-water lake located at 5,000 feet in the mountains near the city of Guadalajara. 

Snowbirds will find a perfect climate, beautiful lakeside homes, a low cost of living and an active snowbird community. 

Canadian snowbirds appreciate the simple way of life here. You can purchase fresh food of all kinds in the street markets at a fraction of the cost you would pay in Canada and the overall cost of living is very affordable. 

English is widely spoken due to the large population of retirees in the area, but there is ample opportunity to practice your Spanish with the locals. Speaking some Spanish is a definite plus anywhere in Mexico and is greatly appreciated.

There are lots of activities arranged by the community of Canadians and Americans living in the area in the winter, offering an opportunity to connect with other snowbirds.