Snowbird FAQs

Snowbird FAQs is a forum where we provide answers to some of the most common and interesting questions we receive from Snowbird Advisor members that we feel will be of interest to other members.


We’re a same-sex couple considering spending our winters somewhere warm. Which snowbird destinations are the most LGBTQ friendly?


While LGBTQ snowbirds share the same needs and concerns as all snowbirds, many seek out winter destinations that are LGBTQ friendly where they can feel safe and find a like-minded community.

Some favourites that are particularly welcoming to LGBTQ snowbirds include several destinations in Florida like Key West, Ft. Lauderdale, St. Petersburg, Tampa and South Beach.

And if you’re looking beyond Florida, take a look at Palm Springs, California; Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and Honolulu, Hawaii, as they also make the list.

You can find more information about winter destinations for LGBTQ snowbirds here.


We have been spending the past several winters in different destinations across the U.S., but are looking to try a different country this year. Can you please let us know what the top non-U.S. snowbird destinations are?


You are not alone – a growing number of snowbirds are exploring destinations outside the U.S. for their winter getaways. And depending on where you go, some of these destinations can be more affordable than spending your winter in the United States.

Some of the most popular non-U.S. snowbird destinations are the Puerto Vallarta and Bay of Banderas region of Mexico, the Northwest coast of Costa Rica and Panama City, Panama. In Europe, snowbirds are increasingly heading to Southern Portugal and Spain. And if you want to go further, the Gold Coast of Australia also attracts Canadian snowbirds.

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