Miami – The ideal winter home for Canadian snowbirds!

Miami, a large port city at the southern tip of Florida’s East coast, has been a winter home for many snowbirds for the past century.

The city has a thriving Cuban population which gives the it a very Latin flair that extends beyond Little Havana to the music and cuisine of the resorts and restaurants of Miami Beach and the trendy South Beach Art Deco district.

Miami is the home port of several cruise lines, and many snowbirds take advantage of the ability to hop on a cruise for a week while they are wintering in the area. 

It is also home to several sports teams, allowing snowbirds to enjoy professional and college baseball, basketball and football, depending on the time of year.

The city is known for its restaurant scene, vibrant arts community, Latin music and fabulous beaches. Miami’s proximity to the inland waterways makes it a boater’s paradise, and watersports of all kinds are available. You’ll also find plenty of great golf courses in and around Miami.